What food goes well with Rosé wine?

Rose wine is one of the oldest know wines, and its color resembles that of Rose or pink which many say it. Rose wine gets its color from the skin of grapes, and if you think that this is a red wine, then you are wrong. Rose wine is not classified as Red wine. Instead, it’s color can vary from onion-skin orange to near purple. There are mainly two major ways to make Rose wine: blending and skin-contact. People who tried it they love it, and it’s most enjoyable with particular food and it goes as follows.

Food Paired With Rosé Wine

Sea Food and Fish

Seafood and fish go very well with Rose wine. You can try Rose wine with the Grilled Tuna, Grilled Salmon, poached cold and even grilled shrimp. You should also try some sauces which make the taste even better, and our recommendation is to go with mayonnaise which goes very well with these flavors. Except to these, you can also try some other seafood which you think might go well with Rose wine and it’ll blend well with that food.

Salads and Cold Vegetables

Mostly Rose wine goes well with cold grilled vegetables and some asparagus in that salad as well. It’s almost perfect to have Rose wine like this. You can also have it with Nicoise salad and antipasto platter which is also splendid if you want to enjoy Rose wine. The wine will give you a good company with your salad. Speaking of salads, I recently got a machine that helps you grow them in your home without having a space for a garden. I personally own an Aerogarden Bounty, but you can know everything about them on aerogardenreviews.net

Paella and Rice Dishes

Many wines don’t go well with Paella and rice dishes, but the Rose wine is one of those who goes very well with these. Navarra Roses has the perfect texture and the right acidity level to go with these dishes. In fact, people who try Rose wine with Paella get’s fond of it and mostly try to have it with paella only.


Cheese is one of those dishes which people avoid with wines and especially with cheese of Spain. But Rose wine is the one who breaks the rule, and it tastes very well with it. Neither it takes over to the taste of cheese, nor it has a light flavor to lose its own taste with cheese. You can enjoy Rose wine with cheese like Zamorano, Majorero, Roncal and even Cabrales. There is some other cheese as well, but that’s completely on your specific taste whether you’ll like Rose wine with them or not. But the mentioned cheese is a pleasure to have with Rose wine.

Chicken and Pork

Mostly grilled things go well with Rose wine, and here as well, grilled chicken and grilled pork are the best meals you can have with this wine. You can also try chicken children, chicken tagine and chicken empanadas which are superb to go with Rose wine. You’ll enjoy the strong flavors of chicken and the essence of your wine.

Apart from that there is another great video on Rosé wine. It covers everything about the wine and also shares few recipes you can try with rosé wine.

So hope this article covers everything that tastes well with Rosé wine. We are soon sharing a lot of information on Rosé wine, so make sure you bookmark our blog.

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