The perfect evening – With Rosé and Music

So you are ready to make your evening perfect with Rose wine. Rose wine is not used on many occasions but those who use it they know that it is perfect if you arrange the right thing to go with it. Rose wine is neither too overwhelming nor too mild, so the perfect thing to have with it in dinner is Paella. Paella is a beautiful dish which is one of the most preferred and liked dishes with Rose wine. If you want to make your evening correctly, then the combination of Paella and Rose wine is just what you need to have.

Paella is a seafood dish which has rice, prawns monkfish and even mussels. Paella is a very flavorful food which is just perfect in texture to go with Rose wine. Paella is prepared by adding prawn in a container having olive oil and chopped garlic; these are stirred, then pour the stock and simmer for 30 minutes. After this monkfish is prepared by putting it in a pan having olive oil, sauté it for 5 minutes and then remove. After that add onion, garlic, and paprika and cook for a min, then add tomatoes and wine which is cooked for 10 minutes and then add squid and beans.  Now stir the rice and pour saffron and soaking water, after this simmer it for 10 minutes and place monkfish, prawns and mussels on top of the dish.


Cook the dish till everything is cooked perfectly and then cover the dish with a foil paper and let the heat go out. Then garnishing is done, and a colorful dish comes out. This dish has a good texture, and it goes just perfect with the Rose wine. You’ll enjoy your dinner the most if you these two things side by side. There are so many flavors in Paella, and the combination of rice and prawns is another plus here. Just the right amount of flavors and a glass of Rose wine is all you need to set your evening.

To make your evening even better you can also have some music and especially Classic Rock music. Rose wine with Classic Rock is the thing to go with, and it set’s your mood just fine to make your evening worthwhile. Classic Rock is the music which range from the 1960s to 1980s and in that era it was the best thing to listen to. And fortunately, it is the Music which goes beautifully with Rose Wine and set the environment to for your evening.

Although, you need to be an adult to appreciate Classic Rock music and to get lost in it. It is something which the younger generation might not understand that well but if you do then it’s the way to go. Rock music is the one who used to pump everyone in the 1980s, and it’ll surely make your night enjoyable. So the Classic Rock music to listen, Paella for appetite and Rose Wine to enjoy, you are all set for the perfect night of your life.

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