5 Best Karaoke Machines for your Home

Karaoke machines for the home are the ultimate investment as they allow you to make your house parties, even more, fun and entertaining.

If you are a Karaoke lover, then having a Karaoke machine at home could be the best thing ever for you.

Wondering which Karaoke machine to choose for yourself? Then, read our reviews to know more about the 5 best Karaoke machines suitable for your home and choose the one which appeals to you the most.

ION Audio Tailgater

Price: $117(Amazon)

This Karaoke machine is more like a PA system and doesn’t handle CD+Gs. If you want it for Karaoke, you will need to connect it to a screen to display the lyrics.

It provides you with quality and loud sound and is battery operated which allows you to use this for 50 hours without the need of a recharge.

It can also be controlled via an App and you can use its Bluetooth facility for wireless control.

ION Audio Tailgater

ION Audio House Party

With its portable sound system and built-in light show, you will feel like you are in a pub with this amazing Karaoke machine.

You can stream music to this machine with the help of any Bluetooth music player or use the audio input to connect the speakers.

The built-in light show displays colorful light patterns on the walls and ceilings and is in rhythm with the music which makes this Karaoke machine so much fun!

ION Audio Block Rocker

Another amazing Karaoke machine which is battery operated and comes with a powerful pair of speakers.

You can control this machine with the help of Bluetooth or an app and can also charge your phones, tablets, etc. via the USB available in this machine.

It also connects to AM/FM radio and comes with a microphone, auxiliary cable, and so on. Due to its wheels and handles, it is easy to carry around, unlike other Karaoke machines.

ION Audio Block Rocker

ION Audio Block Party Live

Price: $513(Amazon)

Another amazing Karaoke machine for people who like loud, clear music and would like to carry their machine wherever they want.

This machine doesn’t use CD+Gs and cannot be connected to a TV but its sound system, wireless and battery-operated functionality makes it much easier to use on a beach, camp, and so on.

It also has Bluetooth capability which makes it easy to play a large list of songs but you would need to read the lyrics from the display. Trust me, this is one Karaoke machine you don’t want to miss out on.


Price: $70(Amazon)

Another great Karaoke machine with a sleek design, Electrohome uses CD+Gs and has audio cable for connecting additional speakers but you cannot display the lyrics on the TV, you will need to read it from the device’s small screen itself.

It provides you with an amazing sound quality but it isn’t very loud so you would need to add more speakers for large parties. It includes all the required wires and cords and comes with a microphone too.

Since this model uses electricity to function, you cannot play it outside but since it is light, you can carry it to other people’s homes.


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