8 Things you need to know about Rosé Wine

Rose wine is something which makes a buzz when people hear about it. So either you already tried it, or if you want to try it, then you must know some of the basic things about it. Go through the list to know about eight things which you must have in your mind when you come across Rose wine.

Pink doesn’t mean shame

Rose Wine

Red wine and White wine goes on their respective name when it comes to their colors. But when we come to Rose wine then it is pink in color. Now as soon as a guy hears pink, the only thing that comes to his mind is that it is a girly color. But it’s just fake thing, even boys like pink and they even wear clothes which are pink. So there is no shame in enjoying a good pink wine.

You don’t mix red and white wine to make pink

Rose wine is not made by mixing red and white wine instead; it is made from grape skins. The pink color in Rose wine can vary from onion-skin orange to near purple. So you might not always get a straight pink Rose wine.

Rose wine color Varies

As said in the above point that Rose wine color could vary from onion-skin orange to near purple, and this happens because of the period for which grapes skin is left in the wine. The longer the grapes skin is left in the wine, the darker the wine gets and if the wine is extracted earlier then it won’t be much dark.

Rose wine can be made at any place

It’s not necessary if you need to make Rose wine then you have to visit a specific region. Rose wine can be prepared from grapes of any region or country.

Rose doesn’t follow Old is Gold

Unlike other wines which become better with aging, Rose wine doesn’t follow the same principle. Rose wine doesn’t get better with time, so it’s better to drink 1-year-old wine rather than 3 to 4 years.

Rose in Budget

Rose wine is one of the inexpensive wines which you can enjoy. It costs around $15 which is pretty cheap for wine. Although most of Rose wine comes from France still it is much affordable as compared to other wines.

Good to be enjoyed with anything

Every wine is specific in terms to go with food, but Rose wine is something which has an intermediate essence of Red and white wine. So food like barbecue which is full of texture and it goes well with Rose wine. Recently I have been experimenting with desserts, and so far nothing tastes better than brownies. I tried making it on a KitchenAid Artisan Stand mixer which according to my wife is the “best stand mixer ever made” and the results were quite satisfactory. My grandmother used to make many desserts, so I had some practice but a stand mixer does a good job in easing the pressure.

Rose on rocks

Rose wine is something which is awesome to make refreshing cocktails. Because of taste which is neither too overwhelming and nor too mild, Rose wine is perfect for making cocktails. And most of the cocktails which are made using Rose wine are very refreshing.

These are some of the things which you must know if you either love or going to try Rose wine. It’ll surely a different experience which you get by Rose wine.

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